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       Walking in the streets of Assisi means to leave the century of art and culture. Assisi is founded from people of Umbria, next it bearded the etruschi influence. Entered in the Roman Confederation  the city became economically and culturally rich and florid; the maximum shiny period however was between the XIII and the XIV century after the Assisi constitution like a free municipality, thanks also to movements of monks (like Benedettini). Talking for Assisi we can not forget the most famous of his citizen: S. Francesco, who was born about in the 1180. In the 1202 during the war with the near Perugia, Francesco was made prisoner and kept in prison for one year. Since the 1206, he devoted himself  to God service, through the poor service leaving like a poor himself. Famous is the public renounce, in the Assisi square, to all the goods of the rich father. Francesco was made saint in the 1228 two years after her death from Papa Gregorio IX.




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